Don’t forget to visit all sites you are using occasionally. Depending on the site they may close your account after a certain length of inactivity, which can result in a loss of any accumulated funds.

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Sister – Short and Sweet

Logo_for-light-bg_full_aspect_medium, paid viewpoint, survey, websitePaid Viewpoint is a “sister site” to Instant Cash Sweepstakes (read the ICS review here) and they also offer short, sweet and quick surveys.  You are sent an invitation approximately every 26 hours and unlike other sites you won’t have to qualify.  As long as you do the survey before it closes you will earn something every time.  A PayPal account is required to collect your winnings since they only offer cash.

As with ICS you will get surveys asking questions using your profile information and as long as you answer correctly and consistently this will raise your TraitScore by about 100 points each time.  If your answer does not match what is in your profile or a previous answer, you will be awarded less than 100 points so always make sure you take your time.  If you do happen to give a different answer Paid Viewpoint gives you the option of telling them what the correct answer is for the next time in case something has changed. The goal here is to reach a TraitScore of 9000 or better which they say means you will earn more for each answer. Your TraitScore will increase about 100 points every time so combined with the fact that there is more than 24 hours between surveys, reaching a TraitScore of 9000 will take you quite sometime.  Unfortunately at this time I’m only about ½ way there so I am unable to verify this.

There are 2 types of surveys I have encountered so far, the trait surveys which raise your TraitScore and Biz surveys.  The Biz surveys are the ones that are supplied by actual customers of Paid Viewpoint in order to get feedback and usually pay a little more. At this site you are also encouraged to invite your friends to sign up.  The incentive here is that whenever any new member you invite cashes out you earn 20% of every Biz survey reward they’ve accumulated.  This can be a good thing if you have a lot of friends that wish to sign up and take surveys. With the cash out amount set at $15 this can take quite a while to reach.

On the plus side, the surveys usually take from 5 to 10 minutes and will always give you an estimate of approximately how many minutes remain.  Besides the money you can make I continue to use Paid Viewpoint because I enjoy the change of pace with the short surveys.

As with all survey sites you should read the Terms of Service and FAQ’s before deciding for yourself to register or not.  A word of caution, with this site it is truly important to read the FAQ’s since there are at least a couple of reasons that may cause them to zero out your account cash balance.

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